How to Clean Your Tongue Using a Tongue Scraper

The idea of using a tongue scraper isn’t one that the average person will think of. Heck, I never used a tongue scraper until I started researching bad breath in greater detail.

You might be wondering, what is a tongue scraper? And why should you use it? And how does it even work? This is the normal reaction. The thing about this is that it’s quite easy to use, and there are many reasons that one should use one.

The first thing that one must realize is that using a tongue scraper is just one way to practice proper hygiene. Tongue scraping has been seen to help many people to get rid of their bad breath. The reason behind this is that there are food particles that are stuck on your tongue. The bacteria that cause bad breath sit on your tongue as well. It’s rather easy to get rid of this when you scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper. This is why dentists suggest that you do this.

The other thing you will find is that you should use this in the morning. The reason for this is because of the fact that when you sleep, you will find that you have toxins. Now, the body works on getting rid of them for the most part at night. However, you will find that this doesn’t always happen. The body still leaves some and the place that they go to sit would be right on the tongue. If you guessed that, then you are right. You want to make sure that you don’t absorb these toxins. That is why you have a film in your mouth that captures all these.

The thing with using a tongue scraper is that you will improve your taste buds for one thing. When too much plaque and other things are on the tongue, then the taste buds get clogged. This keeps you from getting the best experience when you eat. This isn’t something any of us want. We want to be able to enjoy the foods that we eat. This is one way of making sure that this doesn’t happen. That is one benefit of tongue scraping.

The other thing that this can do is that it can clear the sinuses. The thing about this is that it keeps the bacteria from traveling into the respiratory system. Therefore, your sinuses don’t get congested because you have a bunch of mucus which is caused by the bacteria. This is something you might be glad to hear about, especially if you ever had post nasal drip symptoms.

Now that you know some of the good points about this, you might want to learn about how to do this properly so you see the most results. This is what you do:

If you are going to use the U scraper, you need to hold each end with your hands. You take the arch and put it on the back of your tongue. You want to scrape forward a few times. You might notice that you have a gag reflex, but this is normal. As you do this more often, you will get quite used to this.

When you are done with this, you then rinse with water. Then, you will want to clean the scraper and dry it as well. Sometimes, after you have done this, you might want to use toothpaste or baking soda on your freshly scrubbed tongue. This will clean it so that it is disinfected.

This is how easy it is to then go about to use a tongue scraper. You now know why to use one too.

Dentists tell everyone that they should do this every day. It’s important to do this, but very few people in the United States clean their tongues on a regular basis. This is something that they have been teaching for years around the world, but now they are putting more emphasis on this.

Tongue cleaning is something that can do wonders for any of you who have been experiencing bad breath. You want to be sure that you get rid of bad breath as it can put a damper on your day, but more so, there are more reasons to do this than just the bad breath. You have read about these reasons in the paragraphs above and it can be just what the doctor ordered.