Proper Dental Hygiene or Breath Mints, Which is Better for Bad Breath?

People often wonder which is better – good dental hygiene or breath mints. Some think just by popping in a breath mint that this is going to solve their bad breath troubles. Others think the only way to prevent bad breath is to practice proper dental hygiene every single day. So, what is the right answer? The right answer is that there is no substitute for practicing proper hygiene. (Using breath mints is only going to work for a short period of time.) But – both can be used, and I’ll talk about the pros and cons of each.

The big problem with breath mints is the fact that the breath mint isn’t taking care of the bacteria that is causing the bad breath. When you learn about why you have bad breath, you will learn it’s because you have bacteria in your mouth that is causing the nasty smell. All that the breath mint is doing is sticking to the taste buds to give you that tingly feeling. You need something that will kill the bacteria to truly get rid of bad breath.

So, what should you be doing then in terms of proper dental hygiene in order to make sure that this method is doing the job you need it to do? This is a good question because not many know the right way to practice proper dental hygiene. So, here is what you should be doing.

Brush twice per day.

The first thing that you want to do is that you want to make sure you brush at least twice a day. The thing about this is that the bacteria can build up with the tarter. Therefore, you want to keep that build up from happening. This is how you do that. You make sure to brush and the toothpaste that you use will handle this as it has the things in it that keep the bad breath away.

You need to know the right times to brush as well. The thing that most people fail to remember is that not only should they brush in the morning as everyone knows about morning breath. Some of you have awakened to a partner that has that all too well. The other thing though is that you want to brush after meals. This is so that you can get rid of that bad smell.

Floss each day.

The other thing you want do is that you want to be sure that you floss. This is another place that the bacteria can really build up. You can keep this from happening by flossing. Flossing removes all those food particles and keeps plaque from building up between the teeth which could be another reason that you have to deal with this so much.

Clean your tongue.

There is something else you should be doing that is a part of proper dental hygiene. This would be scraping the tongue. Yes, the bacteria can live here too. This is never really pleasing and you want to keep this from happening. It gets all those bits of foods that leave your breath smelling nasty and makes your mouth to smell even fresher.

Mouth wash (if desired).

Then, the last thing that you can use as one more preventative measures is that you can use mouth wash. This kills bacteria all the time so that your mouth is somewhat cleaner than it would be hadn’t you had used this during the day. This can eliminate bad breath as well.

Breath mints, as a last resort.

Now, when you need an extra boost every now and then like for a job interview or something where you have to be sure, then a breath mint could come in handy, but that isn’t going to eliminate the root cause. It’s just going to hide the odor; not kill the bacteria. This is why practicing proper dental hygiene is better to do.

This is what dentists have been preaching about for times to come. This is what you have to be aware of. When you are working around people, this is something you really need to know about. Too many people don’t know this and they suffer from it. Getting check ups and cleanings is something else you can do and if you notice that even after doing all this that you suffer from bad breath, then you should bring this up with them. That’s what you should remember to do which can help to eliminate this problem and is the most effective way of treating this.