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TheraBreath Brand Product Assortment

therabreath stuff

TheraBreath Toothpaste

Brush with this toothpaste 2-3 times a day and you will be well on your way to prevent bad breath. Great for the gums and fights cavities too.


therabreath stuff

TheraBreath Oral Rinse

Use this refreshing Oral Rinse after brushing with TheraBreath Toothpaste. The rinse uses the odor-obliterating power of OXYD-8 to fight bad breath and sour/bitter/metallic tastes.


therabreath stuff

TheraBreath Chewing Gum

Clinically-proven to eliminate bad breath, sour/bitter/metallic tastes, and also to stimulate saliva production.

ZOX Mints
New ZOX breath fresheners are the first ‘breath mint’ to actually neutralize VSC’s rather than mask them. Containing the same zinc/oxygen/xylitol formula used in TheraBreath products, ZOX will stimulate saliva flow and eliminate bad breath and taste for hours. No Sugar, All-Natural, and only 5 calories!


therabreath stuff

TheraBreath PLUS Starter Kit
-1 TheraBreath PLUS Oral Rinse
-1 TheraBreath PLUS Toothpaste
-2 AktivOxigen Tablets
-1 Mixing Bottle for AktivOxigen Rinse
-1 TheraBreath PLUS PowerDrops
-1 TheraBreath PLUS Breath Spray
-17 pcs TheraBreath PLUS Chewing Gum
-1 Tongue Cleaner
-1 Toothbrush


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