How To Prevent Bad Breath

I suppose you made it here because you want to cure your bad breath, prevent bad breath, treat bad breath in some way, download a free e-book, freshen a pet’s bad breath, or because someone you know has bad breath.

If you have no clue how you got here, download the free e-book anyway, you might learn something.

Let’s get going.

If you want fresh breath, the least you can do is brush your teeth twice daily, floss once a day, and see a dentist twice a year. That is just common oral hygiene. You’re not going to get anywhere without this step. If you are plagued with bad breath, read on.

Oh yeah, one quick tip. Preferably floss before bed, and floss before you brush. That way the particles you loosen can be brushed away.

What about mouthwash? Some mouthwash varieties have a strong, medicine-like taste, but that is just so you will think that they work. In actuality, any mouthwash containing alcohol will make your breath worse.

Get this: There is more alcohol in a bottle of mouthwash than in a 6-pack of beer! Use some oxygenating mouthwash to cure your bad breath instead.

For TheraBreath’s oxygenating mouthwash, Dr. Katz says “Within reason, the longer the oral rinse touches the areas containing anaerobic sulfur producing bacteria the better.”

For best results you should be using a TheraBreath toothpaste also. The effects of the oral rinse will cancel out if you are using a different toothpaste that contains sodium lauryl sulfate.”

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, otherwise known as soap, is a common ingredient in most toothpastes. In many studies, it has been linked to the production of canker sores because it irritates your oral mucosa.

Hopefully you can get started on fighting bad breath now. For a lot more information I highly recommend downloading THE BAD BREATH BIBLE now for free!

Before you go, I want to give you the truth on a common myth.

Some people think that bad breath comes from the stomach, which is not true. However, here is a quote from the American Dental Association that may show why some people think that bad breath comes from the stomach:

“Certain foods, such as garlic and onions, contribute to objectionable breath because they contain odor-causing compounds. When these compounds enter the bloodstream, they are transferred to the lungs, where they are exhaled.”

So if you only have temporary bad breath, perhaps after eating onions, that could be the problem. But if your bad breath doesn’t go away, you should look into using the line of TheraBreath products.