About Me (And BadBreathTreatments.com)

My name is Dennis Dickson and I have been fascinated by toothpaste, breath mints, bad breath, and everything to go along with it since I was a little kid. Some of my friends have heard me say, “I love brushing my teeth, it just makes me feel so good!” I never had a cavity and the dentist would always take my picture to hang on the “clean teeth” bulletin board. I took great care of my teeth so I could always get my picture up on the wall for everyone to see!

I was always sure of my teeth, but unfortunately, I always worried about my breath. I never really knew if I had bad breath, but with all the embarassing breath mint commercials (i.e. guy gets turned down by pretty girl because he didn’t use the right breath mint), I couldn’t help but wonder.

Aside from buying all the cool new breath mints from the store shelves and sucking them down like candy, I started reading everything I could about bad breath. That was really enlightening, because once you read real medical advice, you do start to understand the why and how of bad breath. (And it’s not what you see on TV!) It’s too bad I didn’t read this stuff back in junior high, because I could have saved a ton of money on breath mints!

Anyway, I wanted to spread the word. It’s not that I dislike breath mint companies or anything. I just want to help the kids of today (and surely some adults as well) to banish their bad breath! So I built my own web page to share everything I learned about bad breath, oral care, what works and what doesn’t, the myths, etc. That was back in 2003 that I first started this site, and I update it with anything new that I find, so what you see today is still up-to-date. Hopefully it helps to solve your bad breath (aka “halitosis”) questions or problems!

If you have any further questions, or want to tip me off about some new bad breath research, contact me.