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therabreath stuff

TheraBreath PLUS Starter Kit

-1 TheraBreath PLUS Oral Rinse

-1 TheraBreath PLUS Toothpaste

-2 AktivOxigen Tablets

-1 Mixing Bottle for AktivOxigen Rinse

-1 TheraBreath PLUS PowerDrops

-1 TheraBreath PLUS Breath Spray

-17 pcs TheraBreath PLUS Chewing Gum

-1 Tongue Cleaner

-1 Toothbrush

TheraBrite Starter Kit
Whitens Teeth as it Freshens Breath.

AktivOxigen Starter Kit
Get started economically with Active ClO2 products.

PerioTherapy Kit
Stops Gum Problems AND Bad Breath.

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