Bad Breath Prevention Products: PerioTherapy

PerioTherapy – For Healthy Gums

These PerioTherapy products prevent bad breath while killing the germs that cause gum disease.

PerioTherapy Treatment Gel/Paste

This PerioTherapy gel toothpaste contains a potent formula designed to attack the anaerobic bacteria that allow the initiation of gum disease and also bad breath & taste disorders.


PerioTherapy Oral […]

Bad Breath Products: For Dogs

For Dogs

If you want to get close to your dog, but the doggy breath turns you off, try this simple oral rinse.

Oral Rinse (For dogs)

“An oxygenating solution developed specifically for dogs in conjunction with international vet experts. Great for their gums, teeth, and BREATH. Just add 2 capfuls to a bowl […]

Products: Aktiv-K12 and AktivOxigen

Aktiv-K12 and AktivOxigen

AktivOxigen Toothpaste Great tasting cinnamon version of our extra strength toothpaste. With OXYD-8, Zinc Gluconate, CoQ10, Aloe Vera, Fluoride.


AktivOxigen Tablets Powerful tablets dissolve in water to create an unflavored oral rinse.


AktivOxigen Starter Kit Get started economically with Active ClO2 products.


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